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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Equipment for a good Home Gym - Part 3

Home Gym Equipment - What you Need

After you have picked up the equipment mentioned in part 1 and part 2 you are ready to get your second piece of equipment. An adjustable bench makes an ideal second addition to the home gym. It will be well worth the investment to get a sturdy fully adjustable bench that is easily allows adjustments for incline, flat and decline settings.

After the dumbbells and a bench comes the heavy weight. A 300lbs barbell set is a good next step. Most sporting goods stores sell decent barbell sets, there are even a few stores that sell used sets so you do not have to pay allot. Make sure you look locally first because shipping will be about the same as the barbell set. Shipping is priced by the pound so at 300lbs you can expect to have a pretty steep bill.

I suggest that you get a quality Olympic 7 foot long bar. There are two reasons for this. Firstly it will last longer and will not bend as the other cheaper bars will. They can often bend if dropped or doing deadlifts with 200lbs. Another reason to get a good Olympic bar is because they are so much smother, if you start to cleans this lift will be that much easier to do.

Once you've got the basic barbell set, you can very easily get more weight plates as you need them.

Now that you have this, the equipment from part 1 and 2 the amount of exercises available to you will provide you with fresh and effective exercises for months to come.

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