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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Number One Mistake All Women Make

By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author of Turbulence Training

Following the cardio mentality and depending on the cardio confessional is the biggest mistake that all women make when it comes to fat loss.

Let me explain...

The other morning I was on my way back from my workout when I passed by a young women, who I would say was around 28. she was on the phone chatting to a friend and I overheard her saying that she was out for a walk getting some exercise, because she was going out for a bad dinner later that night.

And I just wanted to stop her and say, "No - no - no! it doesn't work that way. It never has, it never will."

You'll never out exercise a bad diet!

Every woman I've ever met has made this mistake. They all have had that "cardio confessional mindset" at one time or another, guys are not excluded either.

If lucky this young lady will probably burn around 300-500 calories from her walk, now that is if it is a long walk. On the other hand she's likely to eat an extra 400-700 calories at supper, that may just be the appetizer or drinks. quick side note, I'm assuming you had dinner refers to the meal and not a miserable dinner at the in-laws or something along those lines.

It is crucial that everybody understand, one cardio session cannot make up for bad meal choices.

Now you might be thinking, "At least it's better than nothing."

But is it?

Remember, as I've mentioned in the past, one British study found that some people OVEREAT in response to cardio exercise.

So when dinner comes around, this poor girl might think, "Oh, I did that long walk today, so I can treat myself to a bigger dinner or dessert."

The only thing that comes close to beating a bad diet is interval training and resistance training.

Back in 2007, an Australian research study on interval training was getting a LOT of press for the surprising results. In the study, women who did interval training were able to lose belly fat without changing their diet.

In fact, one subject, named Louise, said this: "My diet was pretty bad back then, with lots of sweets, lots of junk food...doughnuts and sugar -- it was awful."

And yet by the end of this study, interval training helped Louise burn 8kg of fat in just 15 weeks - WITHOUT changing her diet.

Perhaps it IS POSSIBLE for you to out-train a bad diet - but only if you use interval training.

And that's just another reason the best short, burst fat burning workouts are based on this specific type of fat burning exercise.

So here's what you need to do:

  1. Give up the notion that cardio will fix a bad diet, and understand that you can't out jog a bad diet.
  2. Stick to your simple lifestyle nutrition plan 90% of the time and then enjoy your 10% reward meals GUILT-FREE.
  3. Use interval training to burn the fat and resistance training to sculpt your body.

It's that simple - a 3-step system for fat loss success that is guaranteed to work every time.

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Enjoy guilt-free eating and fat loss with this mindset.

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