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Sunday, July 19, 2009

How much Ab Work is Needed?

Everyone wants to know how much work is need to build a ripped, flat stomach. They are looking for the number of reps, how many times a week, do I need to use weights, etc...

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If you are asking
  • how do I get that V shape line from my abs down and around my waist
  • what muscles do I need to work to get a great mid section and flat stomach
  • how do I work them
  • how many ab workouts do I need to do each week

These are all great questions, some if not all may be on your mind as well.

The key to a great mid section is diet. Endless amounts of sit ups and crunches will not make a difference if you are over weight and need to some help with fat loss. Low body fat will help you get the shape you are looking for. Low body fat for guys is around 12%, and for the women under 17% once you reach this point you can expect to see your top abs.

If you want to those lines that run from your lower abs and disapear into you pants you will need even lower body fat numbers.
A good place to start with the diet is with lots of whole, natural foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables, and you have to eliminate all the processed foods in a bag or a box.

With a good diet taken care of it is time to get some cardio in. For that interval training is the best method to burn the most belly fat possible and get a flat stomach.

To answer the question, all you need is just a tinny bit of ab work, 2 or 3 times a week get in 5 minutes of ab work and you will have a fit flat stomach.

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