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Sunday, February 10, 2008

FMS Certified Specialist

Functional Movement Screen Certified Specialist

Looking for a quick and easy way to determine if you or your athletes are at risk of injury? By performing the Functional Movement Screen you can quickly ascertain potential risk which often goes undetected in conventional training. Use the functional movement screen to refine training, check for imbalances, and faulty movement patterns.

Some professionals look at movement patterns to identify those who may be at risk for an injury as activity levels are increased. Others are interested in performance and consider movement patterns as they develop fitness and performance programs. Here is a system that does BOTH.

As 1 of only 2 certified Functional Movement Screen specialists in all of Georgia I am qualified to administer the FMS the can help identity problems that need to be addressed.

The FMS is an orthopedic screening process created to assess and document functional movement patterns. By identifying and correcting basic movement pattern limitations, risk of injury is reduced and improvements in strength and performance are optimized. This is crucial for clients ranging from serious golfers looking to lower their handicap to senior citizens looking to move and feel better.

The FMS is made up of seven tests that look at fundamental functional movements that make up the foundation for human movement. The Functional Movement Screen is simply a way to expose fundamental flaws that are masked by compensations. These limitations lead to poor efficiency, potential for injury, and decreased performance,or chronic pain.

The Functional Movement Screen is a non-invasive test comprised of seven tests that assess mobility and stability. Benefits of Obtaining Screening Information
- Helps to reduce the potential for training and sports injuries.
- Identifies physical imbalances or weaknesses.
-Identifies potential cause and effect relationships of micro-trauma as well chronic
injuries in relation to movement asymmetries.

After completing the FMS and analyzing the results an individualized Corrective Exercise Program can be assigned that will improve faulty mechanics and enhance physical development.

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