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Mood Eating

Most people eat based on their mood and/or some subjective feelings of hunger. They don't eat based on what their bodies need. Think of it this way: you're about to take a long drive on a stretch of highway with no gas station. Do you fail to stop for gas before you hit the road because you're 'not in the mood?' Of course not. Think of eating in the same way. Eating fuels your metabolic engine. So it's time to start feeling like eating so that you can stop feeling like you're scrawny. by Dr. John Berardi

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Open to Questions

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Hello, my name is Jason; I am a strength coach/personal trainer in Atlanta GA. I have started this site in hopes of helping others achieve their fitness goals and to help my client base expand.

I see lots of information on the internet, and overhear plenty of people giving advise around town. At times it makes me cringe when I take this advise in. Some of the information people are spreading is at best useless, other things I hear are frightfully dangerous. I hate to see people spin their wheels wasting their valuable time doing something that will not get them the results they are looking for. It angers me when people get hurt listening to that nonsense. I would like to do my part and help others get healthy in a safe and effective way.

I have heard that if you help enough people get want they want you will get what you want. I admit that I am looking to pocket a little bit of what is spent on the health and fitness industry every year. This site I hope will help me in that respect. I feel if I do my part and help as many people as posible I will be rewarded. Everyone is better off.

Now that you know a little about me and my aspirations feel fee to post questions or send private emails. I will do my best to answer your questions quickly and professionally. I am sure a question will arise that I am not able to answer myself or through my network and I assure you that I will be honest and straight forward letting you know that your particular question is not within my expertise.

I look forward to hearing from all those in and around Atlanta, plus those from around the world.

Atlanta area personal trainer that comes to you.
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